A good change

Six months in a new country. New school. New people. New environment. New weather. The change from Saudi Arabia to San Francisco is a big one, but as college freshman Abdull states, “ It’s a good change.”

Six months ago, Abdull left his life in Saudi Arabia to further expand his education and his English. He got to the airport, ready to depart, both terrified and excited. He was curious to see the American lifestyle and to interact with the people, but at the same time he was worried about how everyone would treat him.

Before he moved, Abdull thought that Americans were “angry.” But now that he has witnessed the way most people smile and say “hi” as they pass by each other, Abdull is comfortable in saying that he loves how friendly the people here truly are.

He wore long pants, a yellow Fifa World Cup t-shirt, a dark gray jacket, and he held a steaming cup of coffee in his hands. A big change from what one would wear in the sweltering Saudi Arabian environment.

But a good change.

The ever-optimistic Abdull smiled as he reminisced about his life in Saudi Arabia and as he described his new life here in chilly San Francisco.

“It’s horrible without [my family], but it is a good change, a good change.”

Adapting to the environment here was not the only hard part of Abdull’s move. He left his entire family in Saudi Arabia, though he still holds them in his heart, his mother in particular. Before Abdull left her, his mother gave him something so he would never forget her, something that he would treasure and keep forever. A necklace made of wooden beads. This touching act on her part inspired Abdull to write a song for his family about the remembrance they hoped to keep for each other. Although he has forgotten his song, he will never forget the tender moments they shared together.

Someday in the future, his family will visit him and his new life here in San Francisco. Until then, Abdull will always remember them.

After all, this change was a good change.