Graduate school student determined to achieve success in hometown

Everywhere you look, students are bustling from place to place on the San Francisco State University campus. Freshman orientation, lunch breaks, meetings, and plenty of other activities are occurring all at once, causing many students to hold a hurried outlook.

In front of the library doors, a student wears a typical outfit: a green Abercrombie & Fitch jacket, black tennis shoes, and a collared shirt. While listening to music from his headphones, 25 year old Nelson, unlike others, holds a calm disposition as he strides across the school campus with a clear determination to accomplish one thing.

One year ago, Nelson was living in Taiwan, experiencing a “convenient and easy life”, as he describes. He moved from Taiwan to the U.S, and is now attending San Francisco State University for his first year of graduate school. His wife is studying at the college of UCSF, so Nelson decided he would stay close to her, but meanwhile gain some additional exposure to economics. His primary motive is to transform his flower bouquet company into chain stores across Taiwan.

“I think one big struggle is to learn English and adjust from Taiwan to here. I took english classes in Taiwan, but it is still very hard”, Nelson explains.

Regardless of the obstacles he faced of leaving his hometown and adapting to English, Nelson is extremely dedicated.  He is incredibly eager to learn and apply economics to his company. He believes that is how his flower and bouquet company will prosper.

“I really miss Taiwan, but I am here in America to learn and then will go back to Taiwan”, the graduate school student says.

After asking for the name of his hometown shop, Nelson states lightheartedly, “It is a secret”.

Nelson explains, “ All the finance and marketing for the company is done and finished, I am just here to study economics. Flowers are very popular in Taiwan and China.”

A family oriented man, but also an ambitious guy, Nelson strives to grasp all the knowledge he can, and use that towards fulfilling his dream.

“I work hard, and that is my very clear goal after graduate school, to make my flower bouquet company very successful”, states Nelson.

Nelson is across the world from his home, but nevertheless, he is determined to reach his goal, and nothing seems to stop him from doing just that.