Student Spotlight: Michelle Chen, Anushka De, Zara Iqbal, Hannah Lee, Andie Liu, Tina Low, Anjali Singh, Stuti Upadhyay, Jai Uparkar (Monta Vista High School)


Shivani Gupta, Anushka De, Sean Yagi, Anjali Singh, Robert Liu, Kamyar Moradi, Justine Ha, Collin Qian, Devin Gupta, Tanish Mendki, Tyler Cho, Sarah Young, Andie Liu, Oishee Misra, Neysa Singh, Claire Wen, Leanna Sun, Julia Satterthwaite, Swara Tewari, Alyssa Hui, Hannah Lee, Emily Xia, Anish Vasudevan, Stuti Upadhyay

Story link: COVID-19 news

Student names:Michelle Chen, Anushka De, Zara Iqbal, Hannah Lee, Andie Liu, Tina Low, Anjali Singh, Stuti Upadhyay, Jai Uparkar

Adviser name: Julia Satterthwaite

School name: Monta Vista High School

Publication name: El Estoque

Describe the student’s work on this piece: As the COVID-19 crisis began to develop in the U.S., the entire news section of our publication wrote stories exploring almost every aspect of the effects of the pandemic, from school-related and local events to national consequences. We decided to compile our work all at one COVID-19 News site to show the extent of our reporting. Our reporters used Zoom, phone calls and emails to conduct interviews, and worked together through constant online communication. After promoting the compilation on our publication’s Facebook, we reached 430 people who were able to appreciate the content. Our staff, those around us and our sources noticed feeling unhappy after consuming general COVID-19 news, so we wrote a story about organizations in our community coming together to help solve resource shortages, as a positive perspective. The other stories also provided a specific lens into each aspect of the situation.