Convention schedule

Friday, Oct. 11

9-12: Registration open
12-1:15: Keynote speaker
1:30: Session 1
2:30: Session 2
3:30: Session 3
4:30: Session 4
530-7: On-site contests
6: Judges dinner

Saturday, Oct. 12

9: Session 5
10: Session 6
11: Session 7
12: Lunch break and Convention committee meeting
1:30: Session 8
2:30: Session 9
4: Closing ceremony and awards

Throughout the day Friday and Saturday, staffs that have signed up for the service will have their scheduled on-site critiques. Critique time slots will be available upon check-in on Friday.

Want to know what to expect? Here’s a tentative list of session descriptions. Check back frequently, as we’ll add to the list in the months to come.

  • Where does the time go?
  • The point of the click
  • More than a theme
  • Community Journalism: Your Business and Ours
  • Your future at a newspaper company
  • Heads up
  • The Sports Report
  • Convergence Excursion
  • Hey, JEANC! What have you done for me lately?
  • Globe Games for Focus and Fun
  • Is that a flying journalism robot?
  • Secrets of a publication judge
  • Strategies for staff accountable
  • The Lighter Side of Yearbooking
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Make writing fun and get paid
  • Fostering a cohesive staff
  • Newswriting: Hack the essay (to pieces)
  • Newswriting: Hack the essay (to pieces)
  • Ed Code 48907–Keeping it legal
  • Expanding Beyond News Photography
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Convention schedule