Value of Membership

Q: What is the cost of membership?
JEANC membership is $30, with renewal in August of each year. We also offer a lifetime membership option. Click on the button at the bottom of this page to join or renew.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming a JEANC member?
The JEANC board is committed to providing value to advisers and their students and provides a variety of contests, conventions, opportunities for training, and scholarships throughout the year.

The Annual Contest, introduced in 2006, offers high school students producing print, web and broadcast news — as well as yearbook — an opportunity to see how they compete with other publications across Northern California. To compete, the students’ adviser must be a current JEANC member.

Our marquee annual event is NorCal Media Day at Palo Alto High School. The event is free to students whose advisers are JEANC members.  Members also receive news about other workshops and contests throughout Northern California.

The Arnetta Garcin Scholarship pays $1000 to the highest placing Northern California student in the California Journalist of the Year competition whose adviser is a JEANC member. The all-state winner moves onto the national contest. Students who submit an online portfolio for this competition must have an adviser who is a JEANC member.

We also typically hold an Adviser ‘Teach-In’ for JEANC advisers on a weekend in December; details are announced in the fall.

As a JEANC member, you can order graduation honor cords for your students as well.


Q: What else does JEANC offer?
Any journalism organization is a valuable support network. Typically, the publication adviser at a school is alone. At the most, there might be two such teachers at one school: the newspaper and yearbook adviser. JEANC offers opportunities for advisers to make connections with others across the state who can offer support to them or to their programs and help media advisers feel less siloed in their work.

In the spirit of camaraderie and resource-sharing, JEANC offers a google group where advisers can post links to useful stories and lesson plans, share upcoming events and get-togethers. You can sign up for the google group by filling out this form.

Members should feel free to e-mail anyone on the JEANC Board, many of whom have a decade or more of experience and whose staffs have won multiple local and national awards.


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Value of Membership