RENOvation: Policies

Workshop Policies (the fine print):

• Students are representatives of their schools and should act in accordance with all school rules and policies.

• Students are expected to attend all sessions. Students who are ill must report to the workshop or student life director.

• Curfew is 11 p.m.

• Students are expected to complete assignments under given deadlines.

• Horseplay, including excessive noise, removing window screens and throwing items from the windows, is strictly prohibited.

• Students will not leave campus without the expressed permission of the workshop director, even with an adviser who may be in attendance.

• Students will not operate any motor vehicle while at the workshop. Students driving to RENOvation will turn-in their keys upon check-in.

• Students are not permitted to ride in anyone’s personal vehicle while at the workshop.

• Students are not to enter other residence halls during RENOvation.

• Students may not enter rooms of students of the opposite gender at any time.

• All students are to follow local, state and federal laws while attending RENOvation.

• State and federal law prohibits tampering with alarms, safety & security equipment.

• Smoking and the use of drugs or alcohol is strictly forbidden.

• Parents are responsible for any financial restitution owed to the university for property damage or lost keys.

• Students violating any workshop policies may be dismissed from RENOvation. Parents will be notified to pick up their child immediately.

• This is not an all-inclusive list.

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RENOvation: Policies