Fall 2020 Reporting Resource Kits (Overview)

In an effort to focus student reporting on important issues in fall 2020, the Journalism Education Association of Northern California is encouraging the creation of student-designed Reporting Resource Kits on topics of broad student interest, including — but not limited to — coverage of Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, the 2020 elections and climate change.

Each kit — produced by volunteer student journalists — will include links to source contacts, photos, story examples, data sets and more to help students’ peers across the state cover these topics in fall 2020.

Students can participate in one or more of the following ways:


Students can apply to be a part of one of the Advance Teams, where they’ll have the greatest opportunity for close collaboration with other journalism students. These groups of students will bounce ideas off of each other, lean on each other as they navigate the tricky world of being student leaders and build relationships as they set up the infrastructure, framing and initial resource curation of each resource kit.

Team members — who will take on roles as managers, producers, curators and editors — will meet online throughout the first half of September (and possibly later, depending on team member interest), initially with a JEANC adviser, to decide how to set up their team’s Reporting Resource Kits (Google Doc? GitHub element? Website? Bitmoji classroom?). Reporting Resource Kits will maintain JEANC branding but otherwise be flexible in form and content. HERE’S THE LINK for students who want to apply to be a member of an Advance Team. This application is also linked in other spots below.


All JEANC advisers and their students and can join a one-hour Resource Round-up on Saturday, Sept. 19, when they can log in to learn about — and contribute to — each resource kit. It’s kind of like a hackathon — and there may indeed be coding elements to each kit — but the resources collected will be designed for student journalists of all stripes. The members of the Advance Team will be in charge of this event initially, but other student participants may contribute significantly. To receive a reminder email notification to tune in for the Resource Round-up on Sept. 19, CLICK HERE.


Once the kits are developed — and throughout the semester and beyond —  they will be available broadly among NorCal journalism staffs (and beyond) to embolden and improve coverage. So even if you don’t participate in the construction of the kits, you and your staff will still be able to benefit from them. To receive a reminder email notification once the Resource Kits are made public, CLICK HERE.


Who can participate?

The Resource Round-up participation is open to all students of JEANC-member advisers. Advance Team (Kit Creator) students must be recommended by their adviser.

How will the adviser recommend students? 

JEANC will contact adviser recommenders using the email address students supply in the application linked HERE.

How do students who are interested in being part of the Advance Team apply?

Applications must be submitted digitally through the online application form linked HERE. Late applications may not be accepted for the Advance Team

What is the deadline to apply to be part of the Advance Teams?

To be considered for membership in one of the Advance Teams, apply HERE by Sept. 1.

What if I have other questions?

Email JEANC Convention Coordinator Paul Kandell at [email protected] or JEANC President Rod Satterthwaite at [email protected]

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Fall 2020 Reporting Resource Kits (Overview)