JEANC sponsors J-Days

Get together with students from another school to share ideas and learn together and JEANC will help offset costs associated with hosting

While living during a pandemic — a time in which any media your publication is producing is the very definition of grit — we recognize that there is a need for training to brush up on journalistic skills and, more importantly, build relationships among staff members.

We also acknowledge that there’s some trepidation about taking kids to larger gatherings or traveling to conventions, since schools are all in a different place in terms of the approval process. JEANC would like to support you in hosting a hyper local J-Day event.

If two or more schools join forces to host a training or workshop, JEANC can help offset costs accrued for things like building rental, pizza for attendees, supplies and certificates for participants.

Make a copy of THIS APPLICATION, add the details for your J-Day plan and email it to the J-Days team:

Kristy Blackburn
Paul Kandell
& Julia Satterthwaite

We’ll respond to your request within two weeks.

Here’s more information about a J-Day that JEANC sponsored:

The Raven Report adviser Diana Nguyen and El Estoque adviser Julia Satterthwaite hosted a collaborative J-Camp for their students on Aug. 8 and 9 at Sequoia High School in Redwood City.

On Monday, Sequoia editors participated in leadership training and shared previous experiences on staff, as well as developed the agenda for the all-staff training on Tuesday.

“I was really nervous about how successful the event would be and almost wished I didn’t sign myself up for it,” Nguyen said, “however it was worth it because our staff had fun learning about how another school ran their publication. Not going to lie, I started to think of the possibility of inviting more schools in the district some day.”

The next day, leaders shared their philosophies with staff members, talked through the basics of what happens in Journalism and partnered with new staff to generate social media posts introducing reporters to their school community.

“It went very smoothly and I loved how everyone got along with each other and weren’t afraid to speak out,” Sequoia sophomore Abigail Aguayo said.

After enjoying pizza and boba ice cream bars provided by JEANC, students gathered to hear from a student panel of editors. El Estoque senior and editor-in-chief Anushka De shared about being inspired by the Philip Graham quote, “Journalism is the first rough draft of history.”

“It’s empowering to think about how you can make a difference in your community,” De said. “With local journalism dying, it’s more important than ever for student publications to report on their communities.”


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JEANC sponsors J-Days