What is it? JEANC offers a critique service to member advisers looking to get their student staff members feedback on their publications. Unlike typical critique services, JEANC adviser-critics offer this service at any stage of publication on a rolling, as-needed basis. We offer:

  • End-of-year full publication critique
  • Mid-year progress critique
  • One specific media type critique (e.g. sports coverage and pages, student life spreads, multimedia, design-only, etc.)
  • Pre-publish in-progress critique
  • At-home training follow-up critique (for staffs that have completed one of the JEANC at-home training workshops)

How does it work? The member adviser completes the critique order form, specifying exactly what type of critique the staff is requesting. The staff submits all applicable content digitally, either via email, file upload, or by linking to content. The member adviser selects whether she or he prefers a virtual critique (arrange a time for the critic to meet online with staff) or an audio/video critique (the critic sends either an .mp4 video or .mp3 audio file with the commentary). On occasion, the critic may offer to travel to meet the staff in person for the critique.

What does it cost? Each critique is $25 for members and $50 for non-members.  (Join JEANC here.) Advisers may request multiple critiques over the course of the year.

How long does it take to get feedback? Turnaround time is quick for content shared digitally. Most critiques are complete within two to three weeks and may be completed quicker by special request.

How do I sign up? To complete the critique request form, click here.

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