At-school training

What is it? An at-school training is a four-hour training session for up to 25 students that is held on your campus. A skilled adviser will come to your school with a prepared curriculum for hands-on training of your staff.

How does it benefit me? Your students receive training in their environment, which means there’s no question about whether or not they can apply what they’re learning long after they have been trained. With individualized, hands-on instruction, they will have the opportunity to ask questions specific to their school and staff. Plus, there are no travel costs and boarding fees for this traveling workshop since students can learn at their home campuses.

What does it cost? Advisers must be JEANC members in order to request an at-home training workshop. The cost to member advisers is $250 (+ $0.51 per mile over 25 miles (both directions) if adviser-trainer must travel more than 25 miles from his or her home to reach your school).  Included in this cost is a 4-hour training workshop, which will most likely be scheduled from 8 a.m.-noon or 1 p.m.-5 p.m. on a weekend or summer weekday. Staffs may wish to schedule a morning session with the adviser-trainer, then continue working to apply what was learned as a staff after lunch. Some adviser-trainers may be willing to do after-school workshops, as well.

How do I sign up? To request at-school training, click here.

Some possible topics:

School News Startup — This workshop is intended for schools that do not currently have a news publication and are hoping to begin one. It will cover:

  • Developing a mission statement and staff policies
  • The news cycle and production schedule
  • Basic reporting, writing and editing
  • Basic press law
  • Helpful resources and next steps

Beginning InDesign/Photoshop — This computer-based training is intended for staff members with little to no experience working with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. It will cover:

  • Basic design principles
  • InDesign workspace and tools
  • Placing copy and images
  • Editing images in Photoshop
  • Exporting to PDF

Advanced Design with InDesign/Photoshop — This computer-based training is intended for staff members with some experience in InDesign and Photoshop who are looking to sharpen their skills, learn a few tricks, and achieve more advanced design. It will cover:

  • Designing conceptually and maximizing visual impact
  • Tips and tricks in InDesign and Photoshop
  • Working with color
  • Gathering inspiration from the pros
  • Team-based package planning

Moving Online — This workshop is intended for schools that would like to move or expand to the web. Staffs do not have to have a website set up but will be contacted by the adviser-trainer prior to the workshop to discuss hosting and installation. This workshop will cover:

  • Creating a news website in WordPress
  • Customizing purchased themes
  • Working with widgets and plugins
  • Creating and organizing posts and pages
  • Developing an online news system

Advanced Web Journalism and Multimedia Training — This workshop is intended for staffs that already have a news website but would like to improve it by making the news planning process more efficient and including more multimedia. It will cover:

  • Online news cycle and editing system
  • Creating videos and audioslideshows for the web
  • Developing a social media strategy
  • Increasing viewer interactivity
  • Using your site analytics to understand your audience

Publication Re-design — This workshop is intended for staffs that would like to execute a major re-design of their publication during the off-season. It will cover:

  • A critique of the publication’s design
  • How and where to search for inspiration
  • Developing a style for the publication
  • Hands-on designing of key features
  • Goal-setting for completion of re-design

Editorial Leadership — This workshop is intended for publication editors who need a jump start in leadership training for next year. It will include:

  • Exploration of what it means to be a leader in the newsroom
  • Problem-solving and strategic thinking in difficult scenarios
  • Managing the issues of a staff
  • Inspiring and motivating others
  • Team-building

Coverage and Diversity — This workshop is intended for staffs that wish to evaluate their own coverage and explore ways to cover the whole school, especially for schools with diverse populations. It will cover:

  • Auditing your publication
  • Taking that information and targeting areas for improvement
  • Problem-solving how to cover the entire campus
  • Developing staff policies that encourage diverse coverage
  • Formulating a plan
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At-school training