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Whether you have an emergency (threat of censorship, newsroom search, property seizure, undue disciplinary action, etc.) or you are looking for an experienced adviser in your region to ask a few questions, please contact us. We’re here to help.

Complete and submit this form, and as soon as possible we will channel your request to the JEANC board member who is best-suited to help you, often someone who is geographically close to you. That person will reach out to you using the contact information you provide.
(Note:  If you are experiencing a First Amendment crisis, we HIGHLY recommend that you do not use school resources like your school email or a school computer to send us information. Using school resources compromises your confidentiality because it is subject to surveillance and Freedom of Information Act requests. You may also want to avoid contacting us during your paid work hours, just to keep things extra clean. Our next recommended step in crisis cases often is to contact the California JEA director and/or the Student Press Law Center to help you resolve your situation, BUT we will only do so with your permission.)

Complete this form and someone will contact you asap. We HIGHLY recommend that you do not use school resources like your school email to send us information.

  • We HIGHLY recommend that you provide a personal email instead of a work email.

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HELP! I need assistance