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Students from Fresno Christian High School teamed up to feature university personnel through traditional storytelling and multimedia

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A Look Into the Student Union

by Nick Avery

It is morning. The grandeur and prodigiousness of the room stood above all. A room in fact was hardly a proper word, for it was more like a labyrinth of never ending halls with twists, turns and sinuous suites hidden behind heavy wooden doors. The floors which crouched underneath the feet of unsuspecting people, were are slick and the color of the sea during a storm.

The walls are bland and covered with square windows letting in natural light from outside, a completely different place. Through the glass there is grass, wind, clouds and people, unlike here. In here it is more like a prison, with multiple levels and many rooms closed off to most people.

It is a few hours later now and people start to arrive for their midday cuisine. They mill in from the entrances and chat about how their day has been so far and what they plan to eat. The noise starts off soft, and slowly crescendos from a piano to a forte within a few minutes. This quickly becomes a roar in the auditorium which swells and crashes like waves.

Fragrances begin to move and mix throughout the halls as friers and stoves are turned on and cooks begin to prepare the food. In a matter of minutes, lines open and individuals begin to receive their meals. They enter and exit the lines collecting their food for a fee and departing to consume the objects on their plates.

Chairs and tables sit in the center with their domain stretching to the far reaches of the precinct. This furniture is where the people flock; where they eat and convene. In all, they stay for a minute amount of time and leave to pursue other goals.

There are many people mingling about, all different in their own way. The students sit together, talking and laughing, with bright colored shirts and blue jeans. Off to the side, a group of security guards relax while on their lunch break. They wear their uniforms and although they are not on duty, continue to search around the room with weary eyes.

Soon the frenzy ends for people have classes to get to and other things to do. The entire building quiets down, and soon it is back to where it was this morning. In a few hours, the edifice will close for the day, only to reopen at seven in the morning. So goes the life of this student facility, the Joe Crowley Student Union.


Profile: Book Store manager Marie Stewart

by Dana King

Even after 26 years, Marie Stewart loves the beginning of every school year. Stewart is the book store manager at University of Nevada-Reno, where she has worked as both a student and as an adult. This is located in the Student Union.

“Every fall semester I absolutely love the first day of school in August, it was one of my interview questions when I got this job. And to me it is just an exciting time, all the freshman are new and excited and the parents are happy, it is just a great feeling. I have never lost it after all these years and I still love it.”

Marie Stewart first came to UNR as a high school graduate with a basketball scholarship. Along with participating in sports, Stewart pursued degrees in Business Education and Administration Education.

“My parents are immigrants from the Basque country and then got their citizenship,” Stewart said. “So really I would not have had a chance to go to college if I had not received a scholarship. That’s why I got my double major while I had theAfter graduation from UNR she held a teaching position for two years, but declined to teach a third year. Rather, she chose to reapply at the bookstore where she previously worked while attending school.

“I basically worked here as a student and then I got into teaching for a few years,” Stewart said. “Then decided I didn’t want to teach and came back and helped back during the summer. They happened to having an opening in their text book office and I thought about applying for it so I did.”

Stewart kept her textbook occupation for the next 14 years. Her next promotion lasted seven years as assistant manager. Currently she works as the store manager. Stewart wishes it to be an express store so students never have to leave

“So basically we want it to be a one stop shop. If a student needs toothpaste we want to have that for them, if they want a bottle of water for a dollar we have that too. If you need a pair of socks we have those too,” Stewart said. “We basically never want students to leave campus for anything because we try to stock up for anything they

Her parents owned their own business throughout her childhood, and as a result she decided to work in the same field.

“My parents have their own small business,” Stewart said. “I have always had a business sense and I always knew that business is what I wanted to do.”

As store manager she oversees the store’s financial needs and monitors departments. She also shifts merchandise around for selling purposes. Stewart says her job provides challenge, but with work is achievable.

“This year was one of the toughest we have ever had because we were down in sales by one million dollars, but I was able to cut two million dollars off our bottom line to keep us profitable,” Stewart said. “Without that we would have been in the red. To me that was a big challenge. When we got two days before the end of the year and we had made almost a million dollars. ”

Student employee Hunter Tyzbir says Stewart is always available to help him perform his job better.

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