Fall 2020 Reporting Resource Kits

(((Editor’s note: To see the work that resulted from this project in Fall 2020, CLICK HERE.)))

If you are a student journalist working in Fall 2020, chances are you are going be covering something that overlaps with one of the following four topics: Climate Change, Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, and our 2020 political elections.

If that’s you, and you’re looking for help to get you started, or to carry your work to the next level, you’re in luck because we have teams of student journalists from a dozen Bay Area schools working to put together resources to help you tell your story.

To get started, click on one or more of the following links to access our student-generated resource kits on the following topics:

  1. Climate Change (updated 2020)
  2. Black Lives Matter (updated 2020)
  3. COVID-19 (updated 2020)
  4. Political Elections (updated 2020)

If you’re connecting with these pages before Sept. 19, 2020, you have an additional option, which is to contribute your own ideas to these pages during our a one-hour Resource Round-up on Saturday, Sept. 19. It’s kind of like a hackathon — and there may indeed be coding elements to each kit. The members of the Advance Team for each kit will be in charge of this event initially, but other student participants from JEANC member schools may contribute, too.

To receive a reminder email notification to tune in for the Resource Round-up on Sept. 19CLICK HERE.

Once the kits are developed — and throughout the semester and beyond —  they will be available broadly among NorCal journalism staffs (and beyond) to embolden and improve coverage. So even if you don’t participate in the construction of the kits, you and your staff will still be able to benefit from them. To receive a reminder email notification once the Resource Kits are made public, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about the our Resource Kit program, CLICK HERE.

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Fall 2020 Reporting Resource Kits