JEANC Member Spotlight: Dragon Adviser Lessley Anderson

Lessley Anderson advises The Dragon, the online and print newspaper at Design Tech High School.

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JEANC Member Spotlight: Dragon Adviser Lessley Anderson

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JEANC members are the coolest! This month, let’s meet Lessley Anderson…


JEANC: How long have you been advising?

Lessley: This will be my third year advising, and my third year teaching. I was a career journalist before that.

JEANC: What’s the best part of your advising day?

Lessley: Lead writing, headline writing, pitch sessions, and late nights.

JEANC: What’s great about your publication kids?

Lessley: They take their jobs very seriously, and take ownership of the paper.

JEANC: What’s your favorite part of being an adviser?

Lessley: Being able to work the self-identified writers on campus.

JEANC: Why are you a JEANC member?

Lessley: Mentorship and community.

JEANC: What do you like to do for fun?

Lessley: Long distance running, playing piano, reading, and drinking hoppy beers.

JEANC: Favorite journalism movie?

Lessley: “Shattered Glass”

JEANC: Last great book you read?

Lessley: “Gomorrah” by Roberto Saviano, an investigative book on the Neapolitan mob.