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Get certified at Sept. 27 J-Day

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JEA Certification is a great way to demonstrate professional excellence by showing colleagues, students, administrators and parents that you are highly qualified in your field. The test for Certified Journalism Educator status is offered at each national JEA convention, but advisers sometimes feel too busy chaperoning their students or attending other convention activities. We are bringing a testing option to Northern California at the Sept. 27 JEANC fall workshop as a way to help advisers earn certification in a relaxed setting that might be more convenient.


Already a CJE and ready to take the Master Journalism Educator (MJE) exam to show you’re at the top of your profession? We’re offering the MJE test Sept. 27, too.


Why get certified? This video showcases the benefits of JEA Certification.


How can I sign up?

What do I need to do to prepare?
JEA has plenty of information about Certification online. Once you get signed up to take the test, Sarah will send you some links and helpful guidelines. On Sept. 27, Sarah will conduct a 30-minute review session for all test-takers with an open Q-and-A segment. The test will take 2.5 hours to complete. Here’s other general infoabout the test.

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The Student News Site of Journalism Education Association of Northern California
Get certified at Sept. 27 J-Day