No JEANC Kickstart Days for Summer 2016

June 12, 2016

JEANC will not be holding Kickstart Days this summer. Please check back next spring to see what will be offered for the summer of 2017.

Weary Youth Face Unemployment on a National Scale

July 3, 2014

The crisp summer air of San Francisco State University is one that embraces the voices of the young and ambitious, but the fears of this generation reflect those of people across the U.S.  Each step taken means that ther...

Catching life

July 3, 2014

Due to a multitude of suicides, the District Board of Directors has decided to put up a suicide barrier in hopes to prevent suicidal jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge. Read More »...

Couple Discusses Their Muslim Engagement

June 20, 2014

Meeting, approval, and gift giving. Those steps are apart of how two Muslim young adults reach engagement. though common in the Middle East, Saudi Arabian marital traditions are still practiced as the people of the culture come...

Shoaib Jawaid: Making a change from the cradle to the grave

June 20, 2014

He was never the first to his mosque for Friday prayer. He was never the student who strove to become great and achieve the best grades. He really never even cared to truly decide what school he was going to attend until his 23rd...

A good change

June 20, 2014

Six months in a new country. New school. New people. New environment. New weather. The change from Saudi Arabia to San Francisco is a big one, but as college freshman Abdull states, “ It’s a good change.” Six months ago,...

Adviser analyzes nuances to attend to Freshmen nerves

June 20, 2014

Laughter is everywhere in the room, and it’s hard to distinguish between voices. A woman on the loudspeaker calls for a coordinator.  College students in other tables talk, their voices blending into each others.  Food vendors...

Graduate school student determined to achieve success in hometown

June 20, 2014

Everywhere you look, students are bustling from place to place on the San Francisco State University campus. Freshman orientation, lunch breaks, meetings, and plenty of other activities are occurring all at once, causing many...

Artistic Articulation

June 20, 2014

When asked who would be best to speak to, he was chosen by her co-workers to represent her domain. Nestled in the Cesar Chavez Student Center lays Eileen Field’s domain, a sanctuary for artists and creative minds aptly named...

Just the Cover

June 20, 2014

Tucked away in a small, inconspicuous room is the J. Paul Leonard Library’s Booksale room, run by the Friends of the Leonard Library. The small room is quiet and untouched. The occasional visitor floats in to chat with the lone...

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