Catching life

Due to a multitude of suicides, the District Board of Directors has decided to put up a suicide barrier in hopes to prevent suicidal jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge, located in San Francisco, Calif., is the number two suicide spot in the world. Since 1937, over 1,400 people have killed themselves by jumping to their death into the bay below. Last year was a record of 46 suicides. After eight years of hoping and discussing a possible solution to the suicide issue, on June 27 the District Board of Directors approved the $76 million budget for suicide nets on the bridge.

“Finally it will not be the bridge of death anymore,” says Sue Story in a video interview by the Associated Press.

According to Story, he was just one of the many people in the board room who had lost a loved one to the bridge.

Associated Press,

Before the budget was approved, debate of the necessity of the net and lack of funding caused an almost 10 year delay before the District was able to pass the budget.

Students on the campus of San Francisco State University had varying opinions on the effect of the nets that are going to be up in 2017. In the clips below, they explain their thoughts about how the suicide barrier will affect the community.

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