2022 Annual Contest winners announced


Congratulations to the winners in our Annual Contest. Links to the winning entries are provided, where available.

Digital Media | Diversity | Environment/Health/Science | News Publications | Press Freedom | Yearbook | Video



1st Place: WCTV19  Whitney High School, Rocklin 12.09.21 |  2.11.22 | 03.24.22
2nd Place:  InFocus  Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto 10.08.21 | 10.26.21 | 02.10.22


1st Place: El Estoque  Monta Vista High School, Cupertino 10.08.21 11.03.21 12.08.21 | 02.10.22 | 03.18.22
2nd Place: Coat of Arms  Menlo School, Atherton Issue 47.5 | Issue 48.1 | Issue 48.4
3rd Place:  Highlander  Carlmont High School, Belmont Issue IIssue III | Issue IV


1st Place: The Campanile  Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto 11.08.21 | 03.07.2204.01.22
2nd Place: Bear Witness  Branham High School, San Jose October 2021 | December 2021 | Feb./March 2022
3rd Place: The Oracle Henry M. Gunn High School December 2021 | February 2022 | April 2022


1st Place: Scot Scoop  Carlmont High School, Belmont
2nd Place: El Estoque  Monta Vista High School, Cupertino
3rd Place:  The Paly Voice  Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto


1st Place El Valedor  Monta Vista High School, Cupertino
2nd Place The Olympian  Henry M Gunn High School, Palo Alto

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DIGITAL MEDIA arts & entertainment package

1st Place: Anushka De, Krish Dev, Justin Kim, Sophia Ma, Gauri Manoj, Kalyani Puthenpurayil and Aashi Venkat “The Sounds of MVHS” El Estoque
2nd Place: Nyah Simpson and Malina Wong “Scot Scoop Unsolved S2 Ep. 1: The Doodler” Scot Scoop
3rd Place: Tvisha Gupta, Jayanti Jha, Taryn Lam, Aashna Patel, Aditya Shukla and Shivani Verma “A look into the future” El Estoque
HM: Penelope Stinson and Tatum Herrin “Fashion Trends 2022” The Coat of Arms
HM: Bobby Gorelick and Shreya Partha “A trifecta of food trucks” The Epitaph
HM: Tyler Yuen “Got Sole?”  Aquila
HM: Kalista Peterson and Sienna Ramos “14 Days of Love” Crimson
HM: Lindsay Augustine, Carolina Cuadros and Staff “Heritage Fair: The importance of cultural representation” Scot Scoop

DIGITAL MEDIA arts & entertainment video

1st Place: Grace Zhao, Jennifer Sheng and Kimberly Cui “An evening of Jazz, Blue Pearl 2022: The Documentary” The Wildcat Tribune
2nd Place: Gabi Gruber “Gruber’s Grubs: Pumpkin Tarts” Acalanes Blueprint
3rd Place: Nikie Behal and Eliza Roth “Gender Fluidity in Fashion” InFocus
HM: Miguel Muniz and TJ Rothbauer “What are Bearcats Listening to?” Crimson
HM: Chelsea Lee and Lina Mezerreg “Epic staffers try to pick up Lynbrook students” The Epic
HM: Diya Bahl, Jayanti Jha and Ishaani Dayal “Diya and JJ on the streets: Song association” El Estoque
HM: Ari Krane “Holiday Assembly” The Coat of Arms
HM: Amanda Reboredo, Chloe Luu and Shayna Tran “Three Asian Girls Try Three Asian-Owned Small Businesses” Aquila

DIGITAL MEDIA audio story

1st Place: Olga Muys “The Rise and Fall of Girlboss Feminism” KPLY Paly Radio
2nd Place: Mikaylah Du “How safe do you find Cupertino?” El Estoque
3rd Place: Miguel Muniz “Students Discuss Roe v Wade”  Crimson Newsmagazine
HM: Ash Mehta “Coming out post-Covid” Anthro
HM: Keshav Kumar, Brevin Reed and Leila Salam “Football Season Recap” The Epitaph

DIGITAL MEDIA breaking news story

1st Place: Brendan Connelly “Man Repeatedly Caught Taking Pictures at AUHSD Pools” Acalanes Blueprint
2nd Place: Haley Pflasterer, Raphael Semeria and Jessica Wang “Breaking news: School released early due to main water line break” The Oracle
3rd Place: Melody Cui and Krish Dev “Breaking: Fremont High School bomb threat causes students to evacuate” El Estoque
HM: Peyton Daley “Breaking news: Mask mandate lifted on campus” The Catalyst
HM: Raagni Krishna Devaki and Sophie Wang “FHS Bomb Threat Instagram post” The Phoenix
HM: Vidya Achar “COVID-19 Outbreak” Aquila
HM: Lance Tong “FUHSD superintendent announces retirement” El Estoque
HM: Brennen Ho “Breaking: Admin responds to egg fight between seniors and juniors” The Paly Voice
HM: Payton Anderson “PAUSD to drop mask requirement” The Paly Voice
HM: Justin Gu “Radu Toma, retired Paly math teacher, dies at age 60” The Campanile
HM: Grace Wu “Breaking News: ASB postpones Winter Formal due to surges in omicron variant” Scot Scoop
HM: Angela Choi “‘It didn’t feel real.’ Branham students share experience after Oakridge Mall shooting” Bear Witness

DIGITAL MEDIA breaking news stream

1st Place:  Erin Loh, Dan Penalosa and Chloe Wong “Fire alarms on campus” The Epitaph
2nd Place: Krish Dev “Continuous coverage on Ethnic Studies” El Estoque

DIGITAL MEDIA feature package

1st Place: Chesney Evert, Staff “They didn’t ask for fentanyl” Scot Scoop
2nd Place: Jayanti Jha, Aashna Patel, Jannah Sheriff, Mira Wagner and Alex Zhang  “Critical Race Theory” El Estoque
3rd Place: Zoey Rainey “Keeping Culture Alive on Campus” The Crimson
HM; Meggie Chen, Sophia Chen, Mikaylah Du, Riya Ravuri, Prisha Tiwari and Matthew Yoshimoto “Love Languages” El Estoque
HM: Paul Garofalo, Raphael Semeria “Construction over the years: Campus construction legacy leaves a lasting mark, continues to this day” The Oracle
HM: Crimson Staff “The Great Give” The Crimson

DIGITAL MEDIA feature video

1st Place: Henry Leins, Carl Mankos “Online data privacy” InFocus
2nd Place: Simone D’Souza, Nayeli Glaude “Hitting The High Notes” WCTV19
3rd Place: Abhishek Mynam “Food Banks” Aquila
HM: Lia Bhas “In-Person vs. Online Learning: A Look into Summit Prep’s Re-opening Plan” Summit News
HM: Nikie Behal, Eliza Roth “Bring Change to Mind” InFocus
HM: Keith Johnson “A Look Into the First Week Back” Acalanes Blueprint

DIGITAL MEDIA live coverage

1st Place: Shun Graves “Live updates: Council meeting doesn’t result in growth decision” The Blazer
1st Place: Crimson Staff “Coming Out Against Hate” Crimson
2nd Place: Hudson Fox, Marrisa Chow and Staff “Russia vs. Ukraine: A conflict decades in the making” Scot Scoop
3rd Place: Michelle Chen, Melody Cui, Mikaylah Du, Jefferson Le, Lance Tong, and Angela Zhang “In the Face of Crime” El Estoque
HM: Sienna Reinders and Alana Wacker “Students protest CalSTRS’ investment in fossil fuels” Scot Scoop

DIGITAL MEDIA multi-platform coverage

1st Place: Hudson Fox, Marrisa Chow and Staff “Russia vs. Ukraine: A conflict decades in the making” Scot Scoop
2nd Place: Anushka De “Matador family adds members to its ranks” El Estoque

DIGITAL MEDIA news video

1st Place: Ally Wright, Khalei Meeks and Julianna Hertzell “Celebrating Culture” WCTV19
2nd Place: Reese Clarke and Kiera LeRoy “Building Blocks to Teach” WCTV19
3rd Place: Melody Cui and Krish Dev “MV Robotics Club competes in Cal games” El Estoque
HM: Sarp Kendirli and Aneesh Tiwari “University Avenue” InFocus
HM: Alana Wacker “Students demand divestment from fossil fuels” Scot Scoop

DIGITAL MEDIA news website design

1st Place: Reya Hadaya C Magazine
2nd Place: Staff El Estoque
3rd Place: Brennen Ho The Paly Voice

DIGITAL MEDIA opinion package

1st Place: Michelle Chen, Ishaani Dayal, Shivani Madhan, Kripa Mayureshwar, Geethikaa Tarra, Aashi Venkat “Reconnection” El Estoque
2nd Place: Brennen Ho “Opinion: The virus doesn’t care if you’re an athlete” The Paly Voice
3rd Place: Evan Leong “Opinion: Apple is not innovating enough” Scot Scoop

DIGITAL MEDIA opinion video

1st Place: Meggie Chen, Kripa Mayureshwar “Do all MVHS students think the same?” The Olympian
2nd Place: Jiya Singh, Nameek Chowdhury, Tanish Mendki, Alex Zhang and Aashna Patel “The bathroom breakdown” El Estoque
3rd Place: Melissa Boussaroque “Get rid of the gender divide in sports” The Olympian

DIGITAL MEDIA photo slideshow

1st Place: Melody Cui and Gauri Manoj “MVHS hosts tree dedication to honor former English teacher Stacey Cler” El Estoque
2nd Place: Tyler Yuen “Senior Night” Aquila
3rd Place: Daniel Garepis-Holland “Class of 2021 reunites for the first time of the year at in-person graduation” The Paly Voice
HM: Anna Kaminitz and Nika Zamani “Behind the scenes of ‘Alice in Wonderland'” El Estoque
HM: Crimson Staff “Varsity Soccer Makes CIF Semifinals” Crimson
HM: Jonathan Chen “Boys’ basketball dominates Cupertino” The Paly Voice
HM: Mandy Mah, Soleil Dam, Gabrielle Shore and Lindsay Augustine “Heritage Fair Slideshow” Scot Scoop

DIGITAL MEDIA social media post

1st Place: Alexa Topacio and Ken Munoz “There’s Still More To Do” WCTV19
2nd Place: Gabriela Zurek “Senior Absences” Aquila
3rd Place: Susanna Tang “Boys varsity tennis” The Epic
HM: Angela Choi “Students livestream mall shooting” Bear Witness
HM: Alli Wang, Angela Choi, Jazzy Nguyen, Gyuri Kim, Makayla Wu and Nolan Zils “Winter Wishes coverage” Bear Witness
HM: Raagni Devaki and Sophie Wang School rally Instagram post The Phoenix
HM: Geoffrey Franc “Mask Off Data” The Coat of Arms
HM: Lexi Friesel “Menlo Wins Valpo Bowl” The Coat of Arms
HM: April Nguyen “Open Mic Week” Aquila
HM: Michelle Chen Homecoming Rally Instagram Coverage El Estoque
HM: Amann Mahajan “Holi event 3/28” The Oracle
HM: Staff “Spirit Week Day 4” The Campanile
HM: Chelsea Lee and Elizabeth Cheng “Boys basketball NorCal quarterfinals” The Epic
HM: Cameron Toland, Hillary Studdert and Elizabeth Fetter “Educoachers Instagram Post” Viking Magazine
HM: Mandy Mah and Soleil Dam “Reporting: Heritage Fair” Scot Scoop

DIGITAL MEDIA sports feature video

1st Place: Alexa Topacio and Ken Munoz “Level Up” WCTV19
2nd Place: Reese Clarke and Kiera LeRoy “Nice Walking With You” WCTV19
3rd Place: Sarah Liu and Michelle Zheng “Staying in the game” El Estoque
HM: Minjae Kang and Jefferson Le MV Color Guard participates in the Tournament of the Bands El Estoque
HM: Sarp Kendirli andSam Papp “Biking club” InFocus

DIGITAL MEDIA sports news video

1st Place: Noah Reed, Adrian Deveza and Rownin Cooper “Women’s Soccer vs Rocklin” WCTV19
2nd Place: Laurel Lund and Andrew Davis “Softball vs Del Oro” WCTV19
3rd Place: Alondra Valencia and Ronald Sit “Badminton” InFocus
HM: Blake Chase and Asa Deggeller “MLB Lockout” InFocus

DIGITAL MEDIA sports package

1st Place: Kiana Hinkson “Chronic consequences: confusion among specialists affects student atheletes” Scot Scoop
2nd Place: Meggie Chen, Michelle Chen, Krish Dev, Irene Tang, Aashi Venkat and Nika Zamani “Down to the bits: Technology in Sports” El Estoque
3rd Place: Stella Pavao and Lucille Sanders “Sidelined: the psychological toll of a sports injury” Scot Scoop
HM: Anushka De, Kalyani Puthenpurayil, Irene Tang, Lance Tong, Nika Zamani and Angela Zhang “Teammates by Chance” El Estoque
HM: Reily Lowry “Surfin’ USA” Crimson

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DIVERSITY COVERAGE: Yearbook, digital media or newspaper

1st Place: Olivia Hau, Milena Rodriguez and Aidan Do “representASIAN” C Magazine
2nd Place: Chase Hurwitz “Faculty of Color Speak Out” The Coat of Arms
3rd Place: Jack Galetti, Lauren Chung and Maya Singer “Facing Discriminasian” The Campanile
HM: Evie Coulson, Reya Hadaya and Eunchae Hong “Exhibit: Art of Disability Culture” C Magazine
HM: Mareesa Islam, Elise Fisher and Sophia Harimoto “Amplifying Black Experiences” Granite Bay Gazette/Granite Bay Today
HM: Ashil Shao “Crossing Borders” El Valedor
HM: Mukta Uparkar and Navya Gupta “Beneath the Surface” El Valedor
HM: Amy Liu “Eileen Gu: Chinese-American skier, Olympic gold medalist, inspiration to multi-ethnic identity” The Epic

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1st Place: Sarah Yee “Rise of fentanyl poisonings in Placer County youth concerns local experts” Granite Bay Gazette/Granite Bay Today
2nd Place: Angelina Petrosian and Marina Parker “Small Steps Towards Sustainability” WCTV19
3rd Place: Lydia Lu and Nikunj Shanker “Communicating Cases” El Valedor
HM: Sara Bright and Carolyn Wang “Senior and local residents advocate for an alternative to the proposed construction at the Saratoga Retirement Community” The Saratoga Falcon
HM: Clair Sapilewski “James Webb and I: A Personal Narrative” The Catalyst
HM: Vivian Krevor and Lucie Tenenbaum “Fast fashion or fatal fashion” Raven Report
HM: Zoraya King “The 2020 Plant Pandemic” Raven Report
HM: Sylvia Li “Addressing the Climate” El Valedor
HM: Cooper Tenney “Green goals grow with planned solar panels, charging stations” The Blazer
HM: Michelle Chen and Tanish Mendki “Breaking the Bubble” El Estoque
HM: Michelle Chen, Melody Cui, Mikaylah Du, Jefferson Le, Lance Tong and Angela Zhang “Addressing Climate Change” El Estoque
HM: Sasha Boudtchenko, Bella Daly and Melody Xu “Lost in the flames: Fires’ impact on our community’s psyche” Verde

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NEWSPUB advertising design

1st Place: Thomas Jadallah “Wanna hang out and paint?” The Aragon Outlook

NEWSPUB column writing

1st Place: Stephanie Xiloj “TikTok’s funny, but think before you laugh” The Eastside Panther
2nd Place: Sarah Liu “What Try Harder! gets wrong about Lowell” The Lowell
3rd Place: April Wang “If you can just look up / What do I want?” El Estoque
HM: Penelope Stinson and Alex Levitt “College Admissions Process” The Coat of Arms
HM: Chloe Chon “Korean Beyond a Trend” The Lowell
HM: Christie Hong “Asian American representation in cinema more harmful than helpful/Everyone should go to therapy” The Campanile
HM: Margo Blanco “ASB too exclusive, disconnected from rest of student body/Facing Fixed Futures” The Campanile

NEWSPUB editorial cartoon

1st Place: Catherine Zhou “BBB: Biden Be Better” The Epic
2nd Place: Kai Murguz “Take a break from stress of social media” The Crusader
3rd Place: Mikaylah Du “Social media bites” El Estoque
HM: Sophia Ma “The Brunch Line” El Estoque
HM: Sophie Fang “COVID Positive” The Coat of Arms
HM: Dorinda Xiao “Social Media Puppetry” The Coat of Arms

NEWSPUB editorial writing

1st Place: BHS Jacket Editorial Board “After Burgmann and Bissell, District Must Better Fight Sexual Harm” BHS Jacket
2nd Place: Editorial Board “Parents, where are you?” Bear Witness
3rd Place: Melody Xu “Editorial: Palo Alto Police Department lacks public transparency” Verde Magazine
HM: Macy Li and Ritaja Subrahmanya “Improving emergency response policies will save lives” The Epitaph
HM: Samyukta Sarma “Take steps to affirm pronouns” The Epic
HM: Anirudh Seshadri and Youqi Huang “Editorial: Club abundance overwhelms campus resources” The Epic
HM: Staff Editors  “Let students decide how to concentrate” The Eastside Panther
HM: Staff “Keep Gov. Gavin Newsom” The Campanile
HM: Staff “Mobile Crisis Response Team addresses increased mental health crises, but more needed” The Campanile
HM: Editorial Board “Queer students deserve an inclusive curriculum” The Lowell

NEWSPUB feature photo

1st Place: Emily Yao “The Junior Museum and Zoo rebranded: Anticipating the reopening of a popular local children’s attraction” Verde Magazine
2nd Place: Mia Knezevic May newsmagazine cover photo The Oracle
3rd Place: Tyler Yuen “It’s been my savior in a way” Aquila
HM: Selina Chen “Soaring Spirits during Homecoming” The Saratoga Falcon
HM: Jocelyn Urbina “Care Project resumes with fewer requirements” The Eastside Panther
HM: Chelsea Lee “‘Check Please’ drama club play” The Epic

NEWSPUB illustration

1st Place: Vidya Bhardwaj “Behind the Immigrant Experience” El Valedor
2nd Place: Audrey Nguyen “Falling Behind” Bear Witness
3rd Place: Audrey Nguyen “Lonely Lunar” Bear Witness
HM: Ritaja Subrahmanya “Healthcare crisis demands solutions” The Epitaph
HM: Sophie Fang “Navigating the Pandemic at School” The Coat of Arms
HM: Dorinda Xiao “Girl Overwhelmed by College Pressure” The Coat of Arms
HM: Alyssa Garcia “Got Sole?” Aquila
HM: Xiaohan Li Ink Fall 2021 Cover Illustration” Ink
HM: Esther Xu “Girls can carry too” Verde
HM: Elise Muchowski “Vaccine mandates are the key to a post-pandemic world” The Lowell
HM: Mikaylah Du “Coping with Grief” El Estoque
HM:Sophia Ma “A Forever War Ends” El Estoque
HM: Oliver Parsons untitled illustraton of sexual harm walkout BHS Jacket
HM: Jackson Martin, Grace Gormley, Anika Chang and Owen Bittinger “Healthy Body Healthy Mind” Viking Magazine
HM: Rizlin Jew “Renewed effort to save monarch butterflies takes flight” The Crusader
HM: Carina Liu “Carving into the Past” The Wildcat Tribune

NEWSPUB infographic design

1st Place: Staff  “COVID-19’s impact on inequality” The Aragon Outlook
2nd Place: Andy Chen and Bill Yuan “Water Fountain Reviews” The Saratoga Falcon
3rd Place: Geoffrey Franc “How Many Masks Came Off?” The Coat of Arms
HM: Jocelyn Urbina “Caution-Covid” The Eastside Panther
HM: Ashley Paulsen “Technically Speaking: 5M Shots” The Crimson
HM: Saw Nwe “Lowellites and self care” The Lowell

NEWSPUB newsmagazine cover design

1st Place: Michele Hratko “Special Edition Cover” The Coat of Arms
2nd Place: Gregory Laursen “Fifty Years of Title IX” Viking Magazine
3rd Place: Malia Gaviola and Reily Lowry “Crimson November Cover” Crimson
HM: Anushka De Volume 52, Issue 5, March 18, 2022 El Estoque
HM: Jayanti Jha Volume 52, Issue 2, November 3, 2021 E Estoque
HM: Elise Muchowski Cuts to the Community The Lowell
HM: Freschtta Warres Climate Crisis Cover Acalanes Blueprint

NEWSPUB newspaper front page design

1st Place: Audrey Nguyen “Falling Behind” Bear Witness
2nd Place: Jazzy Nguyen and Nolan Zils “Seeing Red” Bear Witness
3rd Place: Margot Blanco and Cayden Gu Issue 7 The Campanile
HM: Viraaj Reddi and Kaasha Minocha “Homecoming Comeback” The Saratoga Falcon
HM: Sophie Fang Vol. 48.1 The Coat of Arms
HM: Shun Graves Dec. 10, 2021 The Blazer
HM: Haley Pflasterer December The Oracle
HM: Loulou Ziegler and Stella Ranelletti Issue 6 BHS Jacket
HM: Estella Zhou Issue 7 BHS Jacket

NEWSPUB news photo

1st Place: Zoe Dorado “Sunrise Ceremony Honors Indigenous Peoples’ Deep Roots at Alcatraz” The Olympian
2nd Place: Karrie Huang “Raging Granny Ruth shakes a gavel” Anthro
3rd Place: Hannah Singer “Pence protest photo” The Campanile
HM: Alyssa Garcia “Seventh Grade First Group to Return To In-Person Learning” Aquila
HM: Chinyoung Shao unch line photo The Oracle
HM: Evelyn Welton “A pinch of St. Patrick’s Day at Carlmont” Scot Scoop

NEWSPUB news story

1st Place: Selina Chen, Shreya Rallabandi and Carolyn Wang “Saratoga community responds to rise in anti-Asian violence with calls for change” The Saratoga Falcon
2nd Place: Haylie Yee “English 9 Replaces “To Kill a Mockingbird” with ‘The Hate U Give'” Aquila
3rd Place: Sasha Boudtchenko and Ajin Jeong “Behind ‘1 Palo Alto’: Austin seizes on deputy’s idea to deploy parents” The Magazine
HM: Nolan Zils and Ava Stark “Learning Gaps: Falling Behind” Bear Witness
HM: Jazzy Nguyen “Seeing Red” Bear Witness
HM: Aiden Sherman “Ethnic Studies Mandated” Granite Bay Gazette/Granite Bay Today
HM: McKenna Rausch and Willow Steele “Behind the Mural” C Magazine
HM: Bobby Gorelick “Petition calls for more unisex facilities” The Epitaph
HM: Ritaja Subrahmanya “Devious licks strikes HHS” The Epitaph
HM: Clair Sapilewski “California wildfires hit home for NDB community” The Catalyst
HM: Lauren Bennett “Polynesian club host Tongan tsunami relief drive” The Aragon Outlook
HM: Laura Artandi, Staff “Spring Break Trip” The Coat of Arms
HM: Evelyn Archibald “SPS Continues Contract Negotiations With Teacher Union” Summit News
HM: Stephanie Xiloj “New faces, new flavors” The Eastside Panther
HM: Jaysen Ford “Virtual Enterprise” Pack News
HM: Vidya Achar “Fake ASB Account Shares Racist Posts to Followers” Aquila
HM: Margo Blanco “TA grading privileges revoked” The Campanile
HM: Valerie Chu, Justin Gu and Cayden Gu “The Aftermath of Egg Wars” The Campanile
HM: Amy Liu “101 COVID-19 cases since Jan. 3” The Epic
HM: Annika Bereny “Math tutor arrest sheds light on power imbalance in relationships” The Oracle
HM: Jonas Pao and Sebastian Bonnard “Local Tongan community reacts to volcanic eruption” Verde Magazine
HM: Ash Mehta and Daniel Garepis-Holland “Trouble with transit” Anthro
HM: Maya Mukherjee and Arati Periyannan “Ajwang Rading: Working to break incumbency” Verde
HM: Krish Dev “COVID-19 surges for weeks following winter break” El Estoque
HM: Valentina Penati and Kea Yoshinaka “For Texas, Iowa, and Florida: Acalanes Activists Stand in Solidarity with LGBTQ+ Youth” Acalanes Blueprint
HM: Andrew Hui “Olympian survey reveals wild roads” The Olympian
HM: Zoe Dorado “War touches Trojans’ families: ‘Hope is on our side’” The Olympian

NEWSPUB photo illustration

1st Place: Anushka De Homecoming Cover El Estoque
2nd Place: Ritaja Subrahmanya and Karuna Chandran Issue 4 photo illutrations The Epitaph
3rd Place: Carly Liao and Jessica Wang sound engineer photo illustration The Oracle
HM: Sophie Fang Sports Betting Photo Illustration The Coat of Arms
HM: Jaz Decrem AND Mia Knezevic national penguin day photo illustration The Oracle
HM: Jaxi Cohen, Marlena Rohde, Elise Muchowski and Libby Bowie “Expression without expectations” The Lowell
HM: Lance Tong “Out for Safe Schools comes to MVHS” El Estoque

NEWSPUB profile feature story

1st Place: Valerie Chu “From co-workers to co-stars” The Campanile
2nd Place: Leena Hussein and Benjamin Grimes “Football captain Chase to play for Div. l school” The Paly Voice
3rd Place: Erin Loh “3” The EpitaphHM: Evie Coulson and Natalie Hmelar “In Her Words” C Magazine
HM: Tara Natarajan “Cross-country captain reflects upon school educational experiences in India” The Saratoga Falcon
HM: Chase Hurwitz “Sharon Nejad profile” The Coat of Arms
HM: Isaac Rios “Point Your Toes” Aquila
HM: Madison Yue “Students Stay in Tune with their Artistic Expression Through Music: Junior Hannah Qiu” The Oracle
HM:Jessica Zang “Students rediscover optimism through mental wellness journey: Junior Heidi Purnama” The Oracle
HM: Riya Ravuri “Adoptive families share their experiences” El Estoque
HM: Anika Chang, Hillary Studdert and Cameron Toland “Mrs. E: Not Your Typical Trainer” Viking Magazine
HM: Ella Rosenblum and Milena Rodriguez “Debate Like a Savage” C M
HM: Lucille Sanders “Donald Newt gives security a new meaning” Scot Scoop
HM: Eva Shen “Redefining her finish line: How a biology teacher grappled with her past as an injured track star” The Wildcat Tribune

NEWSPUB review writing

1st Place: Elizabeth Cheng and Katie Chin “Euphoria: The fine line between raising awareness and glorification” The Epic
2nd Place: Aditya Shukla “Manic artistry is celebrated in ‘Donda’” El Estoque
3rd Place: Tanvi Rao “Lorde’s new album ‘Solar Power’ is filled with sunlight and sand, but not much else” The Wildcat Tribune
HM: Sarah Yee “Shang Chi shatters stereotypes” Granite Bay Gazette/Granite Bay Today
HM: Rachel Ellisen and Isaac Hillesland “C Mag Recommends: Musical Memories (2021 Holiday Edition)” C Magazine
HM: Karuna Chandran and Madhavi Karthik “‘Tall Girl 2’ introduces host of new issues” The Epitaph
HM: Rajiv Venkatesh “‘Ice Age’ sequel leaves fans in the cold” The Epitaph
HM: Ramita Setty “‘The Batman’ review” The Phoenix
HM: Arda Tuncturk and Quinten Seghers “‘Succession’ season three review” The Phoenix
HM: Peyton Daley “‘Harry Potter’ films celebrate 20-year anniversary” The Catalyst
HM: The Catalyst Editorial Staff “Culinary Column” The Catalyst
HM: Charlotte Gregory “’star-crossed’: heartbreak, regret and self-discovery” The Aragon Outlook
HM: Arnav Swamy and Tiffany Wang “The Weeknd’s fifth album, ‘Dawn FM,’ embodies his versatility as a musician” The Saratoga Falcon
HM: Jonny Luo “Redefining the superhero genre: ‘Invincible’” The Saratoga Falcon
HM: Madeline Carpinelli “Welcome to the Duniverse” Raven Report
HM: Shayna Tran “Cloudy with a chance of pancakes” Aquila
HM: Ben Antonow “Boichik Bagels Review: There are no(w) good bagels coming to Town and Country” The Campanile
HM: Shivani Madhan and Lillian Wang “‘Squid Game’ is a horrifying yet enthralling depiction of human nature” El Estoque
HM: Andy Robinson and Dominique Lashley “The power of ‘Sour’: Olivia Rodrigo’s rise to teen stardom” Verde Magazine
HM: Sofia Antebi and Bella Daly “Paly’s Met Gala: Student artists take on American fashion” Verde Magazine
HM: Brennen Ho and Jeffrey Tu “Restaurant Review: Cudos’s innovative combo” The Paly Voice
HM: Payton Anderson “‘Dune’: Needs a little more spice” The Paly Voice
HM: Lulu Levy “Euphoria: A Transfixing Yet Horrifying Masterpiece” Acalanes Blueprint
HM: Marlo Lewis “Apple TV’s ‘Dickinson’ beautifully presents a queer love story” Scot Scoop
HM: Rebecca Von Tersch “‘The Girls I’ve Been’ reveals the struggles of teenage life” Scot Scoop

NEWSPUB sports photo

1st Place: Matthew Mendoza “Seniors play final football game on Mayer Family Field #45”  The Crusader
2nd Place: Amy Liu “Neck to neck: Boys leap through hurdles” The Epic
3rd Place: Rintaro Sato “The Cats lose their bats in dominant Scots win” Scot Scoop
HM: Ashley Paulsen “Technically Speaking: Dribbling Crimson
HM: Anna Jerolimov “Boys Soccer defeats Cupertino High School 4-1” El Estoque
HM: Jonathan Chen “Football captain Chase to play for Div. l school” The Paly Voice
HM: Niyatee Jain “Battle of the Bell” The Epitaph
HM: Grace Li “The Calm Before The Score” Viking

NEWSPUB sports story

1st Place: Reily Lowry “Surfin USA” Crimson
2nd Place: Chris Lee “U.S. Beijing Olympic boycott sparks debate among students, staff” The Oracle
3rd Placerd: Grace Gormley, Grace Li and Yasmin Friedrichowitz “50 Years of Progress” Viking Magazine
HM: Alan Schaeffer “Two choices, no clear answer” Bear Witness
HM: Sarah Yee “Student athletes’ revolving relationship with injury, fear and recovery” Granite Bay Gazette/Granite Bay Today
HM: Lindsey Steel “The unseen warriors of color guard” The Epitaph
HM: Francesca Arbelaez “Fall sports: The Senior games” The Catalyst
HM: Charles Henderson “Aragon football secures historic CCS championship victory” The Aragon Outlook
HM: Lynn Dai “Family of titans: Stratakos siblings dominate on the tennis court” The Saratoga Falcon
HM: Preston Fu and Allen Luo “A global tapestry: Students share experiences with international sports cultures” The Saratoga Falcon
HM: Lizzie Freehill “Girls and Boys Different Experiences with Teams” The Coat of Arms
HM: Stephanie Xiloj “Spirit shines as team ends in-person season” The Eastside Panther
HM: Margo Blanco, Dinu Deshpande and Tiffany He “The funding fumble” The Campanile
HM: Susanna Tang and Jason Shan “College recruits: Four student athletes take their sport to the next level” The Epic
HM: Kenneth Soh “Teams challenged to adapt to changing coaches” The Oracle
HM: Ishaani Dayal, Anna Jerolimov “Against all odds” El Estoque
HM: Sarah Liu and Kalyani Puthenpurayil “Eileen Gu skis over national and political boundaries” El Estoque
HM: Jack Haney and Jasmine Tabrizi “Everyone Belongs at the Skatepark” C Magazine
HM: Arohi Bhattacharya, Daniel Garepis-Holland and Emily Yun “Boys’ soccer outplays Homestead” The Paly Voice
HM: Avi Srinivasan, Benjamin Grimes and Leena Hussein “Vikings collapse in homecoming loss to Los Gatos” The Paly Voice
HM: Shanza Syed “Dragons For Dinner: BHS vs. O’Dowd” BHS Jacket
HM: Julia Poole, Sabrina Agazzi, and Grace Chehlaoui “The Changing Conversation About Mental Health and Athletics” Acalanes Blueprint
HM: Griffin Ruebner, Zubin Acuña and Justin Law “A Triumphant Return: Acalanes Sports Dominate the Fall Semester Playoffs” Acalanes Blueprint
HM: Caroline Mostofizadeh and Parker Bates “Netflix Sport Shows” Viking
HM: Soleil Dam and Chesney Every “Knights defeat the Scots in homecoming game” Scot Scoop
HM: Myles Hu “Scots settle for second in PAL Championships” Scot Scoop
HM: Santino Woo “Crusaders claim CCS crown over Monarchs” The Crusader

NEWSPUB spread design (newspaper or newsmagazine)

1st Place: Susanna Tang and Catherine Zhou “College recruits” The Epic
2nd Place: Lindsay Augustine “A Barbie Girl in a Biased World” Highlander
3rd Place: Erin Loh, Joss Broward and Hope Saena Issue 4 The Epitaph
HM: Tyrone Rothman, Izel Garcia, Makayla Wu “Clear Skies” Bear Witness
HM: Reese Gardner and Finn Albano “Best Wishes” Bear Witness
HM: Audrey Mah and JoAnn Zhang “Artists at Work in Saratoga” The Saratoga Falcon
HM: Nicole Pimenta Inecco, Ritaja Subrahmanya and Rajiv Venkatesh Issue 1 The Epitaph
HM: Mia Muzzi Arts & Life layout The Catalyst
HM: Clair Sapilewski Feature layout The Catalyst
HM: Nivi Khatana and Raagni Krishna Devaki “Music” The Phoenix
HM: Nivi Khatana and Raagni Krishna Devaki “Women’s History Month” The Phoenix
HM: Esther Luan and Shreya Rallabandi “Preserving Saratoga? City wrestles with state demands for increased housing” The Saratoga Falcon
HM: Sophie Fang and Tessa Frantz “The Menlo Bubble “ The Coat of Arms
HM: Sophie Au, Catherine Zhou and Jasmine Rihal “Lynbrook Ravens” The Epic
HM: Ariana Delabra “War thunders in Europe” The Eastside Panther
HM: Stephanie Xiloj “Caution — COVID” The Eastside Panther
HM: Shun Graves, Luka Rodriguez and Cameron Aryanpour “The trees of Branson” The Blazer
HM: Chloe Luu “It’s not me, it’s you” Aquila
HM: Haylie Yee “Mom, I Shaved My Head” Aquila
HM: Ajay Venkatraman, Valerie Chu and Parker Wang “Transcending gender norms” The Campanile
HM: Crimson Staff “Coming Out Against Hate 2021” Crimson
HM: Ellie Mathers and Miguel Muniz “To VAX or Not to VAX” Crimson
HM: Sonia Verma and Lillian Wang “Non-Fungible Takeover” El Estoque
HM: Julie Huang, Caitlyn Oda and Casey Walters “Stolen Art, Stolen Stories” C Magazine
HM: Kaila Chun, Audrey Guo, Rachel Ellisen “We’ve Got Spirit! How ‘Bout You?” C Magazine
HM: Katie Shih and Rebecca Wu Body issue centerfold The Oracle
HM: Carly Liao and Jessica Zang “Teacher fashion” The Oracle
HM: Anushka De “The Golden Era” El Estoque
HM: Mella Bettag “The struggles of navigating the 504 process” The Lowell
HM: Jayden Stoen and Grace Li “Lights on the Pool Deck” Viking Magazine

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PRESS FREEDOM (showcases First Amendment rights, any category)

1st Place: Michelle Chen and Lance Tong “RoundUp returns to FUHSD campuses” El Estoque
2nd Place: Melody Cui “Closing the Gap: How FUHSD addresses disparities in special education” El Estoque

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YEARBOOK academic spread

1st Place: Zoey Rainey English Department Crimson
2nd Place: Marvin Wu “Concerns about Culture” El Valedor
3rd Place: Anvita Lakhotia and Siri Belavigi “Horner Hive-ologists” Echoes
HM: Kate Shin and Shriya Wagholikar “Welcome to the Lab” Pegasus
HM: Mukta Uparkar “Gathering Data” El Valedor

YEARBOOK advertising spread

1st Place: Joyce Lui Senior Ads El Valedor
2nd Place: Hilary Wang Senior Ads El Valedor
3rd Place: Dictum Est Staff Senior Ads Dictum Est

YEARBOOK chronological spread

1st Place: Joyce Lui “Spreading the Love” El Valedor
2nd Place: Nikunj Shanker and Katherine Chui “Off with their Heads” El Valedor
3rd Place: Lykos Staff Chronological 1 Lykos
HM: Lyrika Cross and Hailey Radder “HOCO 2022”  El Roble

YEARBOOK clubs/organizations spread

1st Place: Ariyal Jain “Key Turning Point” El Valedor
2nd Place: Sylvia Li “Fresh Ideas” El Valedor
3rd Place: Reese Muth “Wandering in a Wonderlan” El Roble
HM: Lykos Staff Clubs 2 Lykos
HM: Lykos Staff Clubs 1 Lykos

YEARBOOK cover design:

1st Place: Sylvia Li and Marvin Wu “Where We Stand” El Valedor
2nd Place: Dictum Est Staff “And It All Comes Together” Dictum Est
3rd Place: Naira Younas and Jeb Chrisman “Extraordinary” The Olympian
HM: Keerthi Manjunatha Aerie Yearbook Cover Aerie Yearbook
HM: Michele Hratko Oak Leaves Cover 2022 Oak Leaves

YEARBOOK endsheet/divider/colophon

1st Place: Lydia Lu Ads Divider El Valedor
2nd Place: Lykos Staff Divider1 Lykos
3rd Place: Marvin Wu and Sylvia Li Seniors People Divider El Valedor
HM: Lykos Staff Divider 2 Lykos

YEARBOOK feature photo

1st Place: Katie Tozier “Jumping for the Fans” Lykos
2nd Place: Kaitlynn Branco “Scream Competition” Lykos
3rd Place: Tomoki Chien Freshmen Divider Feature Photo Aerie Yearbook
HM: Joseph Taranto “Sewing w Fire” Crimson
HM: Sophia Cheng “If It’s Up, Then It’s Stuck” El Valedor

YEARBOOK feature story

1st Place: Mukta Uparkar “Pursuit of Wellness” El Valedor
2nd Place: Ashil Shao and Sophia Cheng “A Standing Issue” El Valedor
3rd Place: Elliot Krames and Joseph Taranto “Love Over Hate” Crimson

YEARBOOK headline design

1st Place: Marvin Wu and Sylvia Li “Women in Sports” El Valedor
2nd Place: Katherine Chui and Navya Gupta “Rolling Back” El Valedor
3rd Place: Laasya Kanakadandi and Saireena Sajid “8th Grade Superlatives” Echoes

YEARBOOK index spread

1st Place: Lykos Staff Index 2 Lykos
2nd Place: Lykos Staff Index 1 Lykos
3rd Place: Sophia Cheng “Publications Index” El Valedor

YEARBOOK infographic design

1st Place: Vidya Bharadwaj “By the Numbers” Raven Report
2nd Place: Ananya Rupanagunta and Ruomu Li “Navigating in the Green” El Valedor

YEARBOOK mini-mag or specialty/non-traditional spread

1st Place: Sophia Cheng and Ashil Shao “Homecoming” El Valedor
2nd Place: Navarin Pirachai “Passion for Fashion” El Valedor
3rd Place: Lykos Staff Theme Spread 1 Lykos
HM: Lykos Staff Theme Spread 2 Lykos

YEARBOOK people spread

1st Place: Ava Cox “Blast From Past” El Roble
2nd Place: Navarin Pirachai and Lydia Lu “Past and Present” El Valedor
3rd Place: Lykos Staff People Spread 1 Lykos
HM: Lykos Staff People Spread 2 Lykos
HM: Vidya Bharadwaj “Fit Check” El Valedor

YEARBOOK photo illustration

1st Place: Hailey Radder, Lyrika Cross and Elliot Krames “Faces of PRHS” El Roble
2nd Place: Arti Gnanasekar “Beautiful Bujos” El Valedor
HM: Sylvia Li and Matvey Jenssen “Breaking Through” El Valedor

YEARBOOK student life spread

1st Place: Mikaela Kwan and Georgia Hamilton “22 Trends of 2021-22” Pegasus
2nd Place: Hilary Wang and Arti Gnanasekar “Cross the Finish Line” El Valedor
3rd Place: Ananya Rupanagunta and Sophia Cheng “A Memorable Night El Valedor
HM: Amy Banderas “Couple of Couples – Modern Love” El Roble, Paso Robles HS

YEARBOOK sports photo

1st Place: Matvey Jenssen “Pin to Win” El Valedor
2nd Place: Ashley Paulsen “Drowning the competition” El Roble
HM: Malia Gaviola “Kylie Troy runs” El Roble

YEARBOOK sports spread

1st Place: Isabella Dobbelaere and Mikaela Kwan “Pass the Bat-on” Pegasus
2nd Place: Dictum Est Staff “Varsity Boys Soccer” Dictum Est
3rd Place: Terri Kang “A Blessing in Disguise” Pegasus
HM:  Mukta Uparkar “Girls Basketball: Making it Rain” El Valedor

YEARBOOK theme/concept development

1st Place: Sylvia Li and Marvin Wu “Where We Stand” El Valedor
2nd Place: Staff “Theme element samples” Oak Leaves

VIDEO Commercial

1st Place: Catherine Zhou Promotional Video 2021-2022 The Epic
2nd Place: Evelyn Hill, Sophie Ohanyan “Three Clubs” WCTV19
3rd Place: Peyton Ahumada, Colin Richmond “Women’s Basketball” WCTV19

VIDEO On Camera Talent field reporter

1st Place: Alexa Topacio “Alexa’s Reporter Reel” WCTV19
2nd Place: Ken Munoz “Ken’s Reporter Reel” WCTV19

VIDEO On Camera Talent newscast anchor

1st Place: Alexa Topacio “Alexa’s Anchor Reel” WCTV19
2nd Place: Kiera LeRoy “Kiera’s Anchor Reel” WCTV19


1st Place: Bahar Moradi and Peyton Ahumada “Wear Maroon” WCTV19

VIDEO Student Talent

1st Place: Alexa Topacio “Alexa’s Talent Reel” WCTV19
2nd Place: Sanjay Suresh “Sanjay’s Talent Reel” WCTV19

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