JEANC Adviser Spotlight: Josh Miller, The Epic

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JEANC Adviser Spotlight: Josh Miller, The Epic

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JEANC: How long have you been advising?

Miller: I’ve been advising The Epic at Lynbrook High School in San Jose for three years.

JEANC: What’s the best part of your advising day?

Miller: The best part of advising is watching my students become leaders. They put out amazing writing and design, but watching them learn how to support earn other and become mentors themselves is amazing.

JEANC:  What’s great about your publication kids.

Miller: Their willingness to explore and try new things. I think that is way too easy to do things “because it’s always the way we’ve done things”, but my kids have impressed me with their willingness to break the mold and change their design, their writing, and create a web program from scratch over the last 2 years!

JEANC: What’s your favorite part of being an adviser?

Miller: The pride that I feel when I watch my students open up an issue the day it is delivered. When they have that look on their faces that all the hard work was worth it, it makes it worth it for me too.

JEANC: Where do you find your journalistic inspiration?

Miller: Reading local journalism like the SF Chronicle and listening to podcasts and NPR.