Student Spotlight: Meet Kaitlyn Khoe, logo design contest winner

Kaitlyn answered some questions about herself…


Title/position: One of two editors-in-chief for Palo Alto High School’s science magazine, Veritas.

Years in journalism: Three years on a middle school yearbook staff and four years on various publications during high school.

Favorite aspects of design: The reveal and staring at gorgeously smooth shapes.

Favorite apps, tools or design software: Blend tool in illustrator, Blendoku 2 for color exploration, Behance for inspiration.

Project you’re most proud of: On the journalism side, designing and writing stories for Veritas in a short timeline. As a break from my usual style, attached is a project where I enjoyed experimenting with new tools.

Listening to: “You’re the best” by Joe “Bean” Esposito (the best even when it’s not in the Karate Kid).

Snacking on: Bread.

Passionate about: Creating projects that remind people to appreciate.

Future plans: My plan is to figure out what my plan is, but it probably includes some form of progressing my design skills and using them to help others, whether that be my career or not and finishing my neglected must-read list.

How does it feel to know your design work now represents a professional organization? It feels like an absolute honor and also quite shocking. When I first heard the news, I stared at the JEA NorCal Twitter profile for a bit, shocked. And when the annual JEA NorCal awards came out recently, I randomly saw my logo on a Facebook post that had the link to the awards list, and I could not help but grin.

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